My Story

My Story


Hi and WELCOME! I’m Ajee (grandma) to three, mom of three, mother-in-law of two and wife of an Iowa boy (Ajah). Together, we make up the Ajee’s House team.

I grew up eating and cooking the flavorful Guyanese and Caribbean recipes I learned from my mother when I was eight. I have taught my kids to cook Guyanese/Caribbean and now am doing this with my grandchildren from my home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I want to get you creating tasty traditional Guyanese and Caribbean, fusion and Chesapeake dishes that reflect our family and the influences of the places we have lived. From the Caribbean  to the Chesapeake Bay, these recipes have color, flavor and spice. Anyone can do this, cooking just needs guidance and practice. Our family is all about hand crafted food and beverage. Food so good that as my mother-in-law would say,

“Hurry up and eat your lunch so you can be hungry for dinner!”

I’m about making healthy, delicious food in the shortest time possible for easy entertaining and so I have more time for family, friends, creating and making memories. Asa Guyanese would say, “Time to Lime.”

My other mission is to inspire people to build strong family bonds by preserving their cultural inheritance through food, travel, making things and making memories.

I am lucky enough to have access to a kitchen garden (planted my first this year), an old carriage house for storing and creating things, fish and crabs from a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay and a home for entertaining. All this inspires the Ajee’s house team.

We’re all busy and strong family bonds and making memories are what I am about, Keep it Simple and Savor (KISS)!

Love and a KISS from,

Mom, Ajee



Food, sitting around the table and telling stories for hours on Saturday mornings at my grandma’s house has been a big part of my life. I was born in Guyana and immigrated to the U.S. when I was twelve. I have lived most of my life in Maryland and now live on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Why Ajee’s House?

Ajee – Ah-Gee– Grandmother. Mother of your father. Grandma.

Ajee’s house, is a place for food, family and fun. It is for making things and making memories.  It is a family-oriented community that understands that life is busy and making delicious, healthy food means doing it with a KISS (Keeping it Simple and Savor) so we can focus on enjoying life and making memories.

Our desire is to enable you to prepare healthy, delicious food from Ajee’s Kitchen that is not time consuming and to foster a desire to eat locally. To help with that, we provide food and drink recipes inspired by Ajee’s Caribbean and Maryland roots, simple tutorials and simpler techniques on things we make, and tips for cooking with kids.

Oh, and we’re kind of excited about kitchen tech tools that make life easier. Ajee’s Pantry is stocked with time-saving tools and local produce from the garden. It’s always time to lime!

We think that sous vide cooking is the coolest thing ever. We are excited about tools that allow us to cook, create and make memories when we entertain or gather at Ajee’s table in the kitchen . Oh, and we’re kind of jazzed about travel, reunions and adventure.

Ajee is the main voice at Ajee’s House, sharing traditional and fusion Caribbean and Chesapeake recipes, tips and inspiration. It features contributions by Ajee’s family who all have a penchant for fresh, organic and local ingredients but have different expertise and diets. Ajee’s house consists of husband Ajah (Grandpa), three children (BJ, DK, and BB), a son-in-law (AK) and daughter-in-law (JB), two grandchildren (Kit and Dev), two grand pets ( an English Bull Terrier Terrier called Winston and a Cocker Spaniel called Bodhi). We live in Queen Anne’s County on the eastern shore of Maryland.

This blog is ever changing, evolving, and growing but most importantly, it’s a place where we can all connect, be inspired and celebrate our love for food, family and fun. If there’s anything else that you’d love to see on this blog, email me at

Thank you for being here! <3



  • I would love to write two books on Guyanese food, and culture. One for the big kids and one for the little ones.
  • I am Guyanese by birth, Indian by inheritance and American by adoption.
  • I have lived in Guyana (formerly British Guiana now Guyana), New York, Iowa (where I met German-American Ajah) and now Maryland where I have lived most of my life. All these places are AWESOME.
  • I learned to cook Guyanese/Caribbean by watching and practicing with my mom at 8 years old and cooked regularly for the entire family at 12. I documented these recipes for my kids on a family blog in 2004 and did what smart moms do by teaching them to cook. I am now doing this with the grandkids.
  • I am cooking Chesapeake with neighbors and friends on Maryland’s eastern Shore. I am lucky to have crabs and fish right out my door.
  • My first garden ever is overflowing with tomatoes and Eggplants…I don’t know how it happened.
  • I love flying kites on Easter.
  • I love English Literature and spending time with a good book. The Kindle was the best invention ever.
  • I have an MBA and have numerous awards for business in my previous career. I have not been featured as yet for writing this blog.
  • Just as I learned tech, marketing, etc. by doing in my previous business, I am teaching myself food photography, blogging and styling, gardening, …. I am an aspiring Renaissance woman.
  • When I had a “real” job and as a working mom, I had little time for cooking the involved Caribbean cooking that I grew up with but loved to eat. So I did what all smart moms do and taught my kids to cook and figured out shortcuts to Keep it Simple so we could Savor (KISS).
  • Now that I am an “Ajee (grandmother), I am once again cooking with kids and looking to Keep It Simple and Safe. (KISS)
  • First time we took our second generation American kids to Guyana, (they were 16, 15, 12) we heard they swam in water where there were alligators. Now they don’t go in the river with jellyfish.
  • Favorite fruits – mangoes, raspberries, pineapple,
  • I got married in the middle of winter in Iowa.
  • I have two grandchildren – they are wonderful, fun and I get to leave them with their parents.
  • The first thing I did when I moved to the US was eat apples and had a bubble bath.
  • My mother was one of the strongest people I know.
  • My mother-in-law always signed her weekly letters with love and kisses from mother and grandmother. I sign my blogs in honor of the best mother-in-law anyone could have.
  • Favorite Caribbean/Guyanese eats – curried lamb, plantains, pine tarts, red roll, black cake and ginger beer
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    Love an a kiss from Mom and Ajee