So why Ajee’s House..? 

Ajee – Ah-Gee– Grandmother. Mother of your father. Grandma.

Ajee’s house, is a place of making things and making memories.  It is a family-oriented community that understands that life is busy and making delicious, healthy food means doing it with a KISS (Keeping it Simple and Savor) so we can focus on enjoying life and making memories.

Our desire is to enable you to prepare healthy, delicious food from Ajee’s Kitchen that is not time consuming and to foster a desire to eat locally. To help with that, we provide food and drink recipes inspired by Ajee’s Caribbean and Maryland roots, simple tutorials and simpler techniques on things we make, and tips for cooking with kids.

Oh, and we’re kind of excited about kitchen tech tools that make life easier. Ajee’s Pantry is stocked with time-saving tools and local produce from the garden.

We think that sous vide cooking is the coolest thing ever. We are excited about tools that allow us to cook, create and make memories when we entertain or gather at Ajee’s table in the kitchen . Oh, and we’re kind of jazzed about travel and adventure.

Ajee is the main voice at Ajee’s House, sharing traditional and fusion Caribbean and Chesapeake recipes, tips and inspiration. It features contributions by Ajee’s family who all have a penchant for fresh, organic and local ingredients but have different expertise and diets.  Ajee’s house consists of husband Ajah (Grandpa), three children (BJ, DK, and BB), a son-in-law (AK) and daughter-in-law (JB), two grandchildren (Kit and Dev), two grand pets ( an English Bull Terrier Terrier called Winston and a Cocker Spaniel called Bodhi). We live in Queen Anne’s County on the eastern shore of Maryland.

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Sip, Savor and Stay a while.

Love and a KISS from Ajee.